Frequently Asked Questions

What is a COP Kit?

Our Coil On Plug (COP) kit is an aftermarket upgrade that allows
you to install the ignition coils directly on top of the spark plug,
mounting them to the valve cover and cylinder head. While the
M42 does use multiple individual coils, all other BMW engines of
this and future generations utilize a factory COP solution. This
plug and play kit requires no modification to your wiring harness,
installs with simple hand tools in about 10 minutes, and uses
aftermarket Bremi (OEM) style coils to eliminate the lengthy and
expensive spark plug wires. This kit provides more benefits and
at a lower price than a new set of performance spark plug wires.

What are the benefits of COP?

Installing this kit gives you a cleaner, simpler engine bay, eliminates the lengthy and unsightly spark plug wires, and
removes multiple points of failure in the ignition system. Many owners report improved throttle response, a smoother idle, and elimination of ignition misses. If you have or suspect a defective coil, this kit is significantly less expensive than replacing the OEM coils and wires.

Is the COP kit reliable?

Our COP kit is race proven technology. We ran the same kit on our BMW CCA Club Race Car which makes over 300 RWHP and 300 Ft-Lbs of torque. This car has been seen in Grassroots Motorsports and Performance BMW magazines and is campaigned in  BMW CCA CR class (DM). We have shipped these kits all over the world and have never had a return or
failure. Our COP Kit feature a one year warranty from date of purchase.

What about the later M42 or M44 Engines?

In later years, BMW changed the harness connector for the M44 engines.  We have the instructions on how to create your own wire harness.  The kit is the same, but it is not plug and play with those later cars.