EnduroBright Number Panels

EnduroBright Number Panels

These kits will begin shipping in mid-February and we are taking pre-orders now. 


Improve visibility and recognition at night and low-visibility conditions.  This kit includes 2 illuminated panels, a power inverter and wiring from panels to the inverter.


EnduroBright illuminated number panels only:  $349.00


  • HQ Autosport Standard Mask $75 - Single, stock vinyl color.  Includes up to 3 digit car number and 12 digits of lighted text 
  • HQ Autosport Custom Mask $100.00  - Two color vinyl mask.  Includes up to 3 digit car number and 12 digits of lighted text
  • HQ Autosport Multi-Color Mask $125.00 - Custom color mask or graphics.  Please contact us for specifics.


This high-quality illuminated number panel will make your car number visible for racing at night or in low light conditions.  

  • This race-proven product is made in the USA. 
  • You can have your vinyl expert create your number mask or purchase a mask from HQ Autosport. 
  • The HQ Autosport mask will arrive adhered to the EnduroBright illuminated number panels and ready to install on your car.